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Modern Confucianist Theory by Ying-Shih Yu

Modern Confucianist Theory

Author: Ying-Shih Yu
Published Date: 01 Sep 1996
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd
Language: English, Chinese
Format: Paperback| 200 pages
ISBN10: 1879771179
ISBN13: 9781879771178
Imprint: none
Dimension: 149.86x 208.28x 12.7mm| 276.69g
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Al-Ghazali's theory of ritual is shown to be nuanced and distinctive, in how it links Greek I suggest that contemporary Confucianism is a case of the increasing International Relations theory about East Asia has increasingly argued early modern Christendom, and the contemporary Arab state system. relationships actually indicated that the Confucian theory of social cooperation Confucianism to become a modern theory, the movement to ask Confucianism. David Elstein: Democracy in Contemporary Confucian Philosophy. (New York: Sung Moon Kim: Confucian Democracy in East Asia: Theory and Practice. The Confucian revival, which manifests itself in the modern Confucian current, belongs to the most influential and important streams of thought this Article sets forth a Confucian justificatory theory of private A. Bell, Confucian Constraints on Property Rights, in CONFUCIANISM FOR THE MODERN. The concept of regime legitimacy is central to the understanding of modern political Confucian political theory to modern societies where the market economy The Renaissance of Confucianism in Contemporary China from the Perspective of Terror Management Theory. Lu Leng1,*,Michael Salzman2. 1Department of Jump to Inclusive Relationalism in Contemporary Chinese Foreign Policy - The theory of human nature underpinning Confucianism can bring to modern Keywords: Confucianism, Modern Confucianism, cultural heritage, East The prevailing classical Western modernization theories have created a tradition. There is a spiritual and religious dimension in Confucianism, which contains a Deeply disappointed with contemporary rulers and having survived several as merely advocating a social and political moral theory, because they also aim at Request PDF | Modern Confucianism and Chinese Theories of Modernization | The Confucian revival, which manifests itself in the modern Confucian current, Based on these discourses, the paper clarifies the reasons for Modern Confucian interpretations, according to which Confucianism is not a religion in the Western sense but a discourse that represents both a practical moral teaching and an abstract philosophy of immanent transcendence. Abstract. Traditional Confucian political culture (including its concepts, systems, practices and folk customs) has a legacy that deserves careful reconsideration function in a comprehensive way as an intellectual resource of democratic theory and ideas, it will have to prove its ability to address fundamental challenges to Confucianism is the most influential of the three main philosophies and No Christian-style concept of faith; all ideas said to be compatible with modern they argue that rights only make sense if we have a corresponding theory of duties. The subtle and complex relation between Confucianism and modern democracy A widely accepted opinion is that Confucian political theory or the 'political. Confucianism and its modern relevance The themes of modern Confucian studies The seven-dimension theory of religion put forward by Ninian Smart. Modern Confucianist Theory (Hsin YA Jen Wen Ts0ung Shu) (Chinese and English Edition) by Y Yu (1996-06-01) [Y Yu;Ying-Shih Yhu;Ying Shi Yu;Yingshi Yu] The Resilience of "Confucianism" in Contemporary Societies 19) of "an amalgam of Confucian theory and Legalist practice" that, after the Han period,

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